Lottery Winnings Calculator

An attempt to answer the question posed by b3ta: What would you have won?

Select 6 numbers and it'll go through every single Lotto draw to calculate what you'd have won to date if you'd played the very same numbers in every draw since the start - Saturday 19th November, 1994. That's 1,872 draws, including Wednesdays.

Please note that any prizes for 4 numbers or more will be calculated using the National Lottery's estimated prize breakdown table below; I simply don't have enough data to calculate exact prizes :(

Numbers matchedEstimated prizeOdds of winning
6 main numbers (jackpot)£2,000,00013,983,816
5 main numbers plus bonus ball£100,0002,330,636
5 main numbers£1,50055,492
4 main numbers£621,033
3 main numbers£1057

I get the draw data from Richard K. Lloyd's website, a thoroughly excellent resource for all things lottery-related.


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